Create the first multi-functional eco-chain system that supports cross-chain transactions in the blockchain

A high-performance blockchain that supports cross-chain transactions and has smart contracts

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Core Technology

The BlockLink development team has deep blockchain technology and accumulated years of project experience.


Cross-chain technology meets the need for direct rigid exchange of multiple assets. It can dynamically increase or decrease the cross-chain support for different digital currencies and realize the value of transmission between chains in a decentralized way.

Smart contract

By using smart contracts, you can flexibly extend and customize complex trading logic, as well as complex financial contracts. Without modifying and updating the code of the chain itself, controllably and dynamically limited expanding functions could be realized.


Decentralized consensus mining can support for multi-asset types for pledges. asset pledges are more secure on the chain, avoiding risks of centralization. Dividends are based on weights to increase the probability of mining and dividends are more stable.

What is BlockLink?

The BlockLink chain is a high-performance blockchain that supports cross-chain transactions and has smart contracts. It supports cross-link transfer with existing digital currencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc.), and supports the transfer of multiple assets on the chain. It also allows to support complex business scenarios through smart contracts.

White Papers


100% Reserve

Ensure that all assets on BlockLink chain are not added or destroyed in a vacuum. Each increase of assets represents the user's recharge. And each reduction of assets represents the user's cash withdrawal.


The performance of BTC or LTC asset transformation or trading on BlockLink chain is approximately 75 times that of BTC, 20 times that of LTC, and its TPS is 1 W on theoretical value, which is sufficient to carry all cross-chain transactions on multiple chains.

Fee flexibility

BlockLink chain supports token payment in multiple chains, allowing users to trade as long as they own assets. The single-rate ratio on the chain is not fixed and is determined by market dynamics.

Decentralized POS pool

Participate in mining by the use of decentralized pledged assets. Support multi-currency pledges without transferring to the mine pool.

Account role

BlockLink chain provides users with multiple roles to choose. Different accounts have different rights and interests and dividend policies.


The BlockLink chain provides users with multiple roles to choose from. Different accounts
have different account rights and dividend policies.

Team formation, and construction of underlying platform on blockchain



Start to smart contract system

Completion of LVM development



Start to develop cross chain technology

Completion of the core function of cross-chain. Public test chain online



Completion of development , the main chain online

Smart contract bonus



Construction of ecosystem

High performance of LVM with parallel computing


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